Vintage Brass Model

Vintage Brass Model

2.5”x13” Vintage Brass Orchestral Snare Drum

A very small drum made by an even smaller company. 

Decibel Percussion focuses on creating 2.5"x13" orchestral piccolo snare drums. There has always a been a need for, and lack of options in terms of a ‘soft’ concert snare drum. Professionals often wait years to come across something like an original Barry Mfg. Co. Companion Drum. Our drums pay homage to the Barry Co. while providing significant modern improvements. We also offer an additional "mf" set of snares that are interchangeable with the original snares. This allows for a louder dynamic ceiling and converts the drum into more of a general piccolo range for slightly  louder ensemble playing while retaining an expressive soft range. 




-2.5"x13" our drum shells have been made in variety of materials but come standard in thin-shelled rolled and welded vintage brass. Birch shells are available in limited quantities while supplies last.

-8 single point custom lugs in with steel inserts.   

-5 custom CNC air vents surround the shell for a distinctive look and controlled resonance.

-Custom snare cables manufactured in the U.S. exclusively for Decibel Percussion are designed to speak extremely quickly and  provide the most delicate sound possible.

-Custom Decibel side-pull strainer with  integrated fine tuner and tension indicator is elegant as it is simple.

-4.5mm straight hoops. These are almost twice as thick as the industry standard and are very durable. They are strong enough to withstand rim shots all day while not choking the natural resonance of the drum.

-Heavy duty machined hoop clips which are much stronger than cast clips and therefore not prone to cracking. 

-Equipped with ultra-thin no-collar Decibel heads produced by Remo. Diplomat M5 weight batter heads and Diplomat hazy snare side heads are used on 2.5"x13" snare drums. Replacement heads are available for purchase upon request.                                                                                                                

                                                                                                            Contact us for pricing and availability.