6.5”x14” Cast Iron Orchestral Snare Drum

After 2 years of designing and testing the Decibel Cast Iron 6.5x14 Orchestral Snare Drum is being produced in limited batches. 24 pounds of 1/4” thick iron badassness. Decibel logo machined Trick strainer, custom coated orchestral cables, oversized classic tube lugs machined from a solid block of metal, and heavy black Iron hoops. These shells are made by pouring iron into a special drum mold and then machined down to exact specs.

This drum pays homage to the famed Hinger “Sewer Pipe Drum”. Made out of a cut down industrial pipe, the original is a tank of an instrument. It’s sonic properties are very unique and it doesn’t really understand the idea of a volume ceiling. Our concept was to produce a sonically inspired drum while taking advantage of modern machining and production techniques for consistency and reliability .

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