Decibel snare drums are played by percussionists in some of the finest institutions and orchestras in the world:  The New York Philharmonic, Cleveland Orchestra, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Los Angeles Philharmonic, Houston Symphony, Australian Opera and Ballet Orchestra, Kansas City Symphony, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Hawaii Symphony Orchestra, Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra, The Dallas Winds, Dayton Philharmonic, Buffalo Philharmonic, The Orchestra Now, Chattanooga Symphony & Opera, Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra, West Michigan Symphony, New World Symphony, Hyogo Performing Arts Center Orchestra, Orquesta Filarmónica de Santiago, Southwest Michigan Symphony Orchestra, Britt Festival Orchestra,The Juilliard School, Cleveland Institute of Music, USC, New England Conservatory, New York University, Rice University, ...  

“My Decibel snare is so incredibly crisp, responsive, and sensitive. Even when played whisper quiet, this drum speaks clearly. I wouldn’t think of taking an audition without it. David’s drums are a work of art. Not only do his drums sound amazing, but they are stunning to look at. I just received mine and I’m already thinking about what the next one will be.”

Jordan Holley- Freelance Percussionist


“My 2.5 x 13 dbP drum is absolutely the clearest and softest drum I’ve ever used. Great design and craftsmanship. Wouldn’t even consider playing Kije, Sheherezade or taking an audition without one.”

-Dinesh Joseph, Associate Principal Percussion, Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra


“Decibel piccolo snare drums have a clear and whisper-soft sound well suited for delicate orchestral playing. My students at USC use the maple model for taking auditions and I own a personal birch drum in Classic Ebony. David is always easy to contact and helpful in answering any questions regarding the different models and options in his snare drums.”

“I am absolutely thrilled with my piccolo snare from Decibel percussion. From start to finish (and after!) David Bergman was insightful and communicative, answering questions, and giving me updates while the drum was being built. The finished product is gorgeous and sounds like pure snare. You realize once you hear it for the first time, that you’ve never heard a snare sound this pure before! It’s so incredibly sensitve. Bergman cares so much for his product that he even has custom Humes and Berg cases made to help them stay protected. I cannot say enough great things about the product quality and customer care given from Decibel percussion. I will definitely be ordering from them again in the future.”

-Ben Irons, Freelance Percussionist


“I love the sensitivity and clarity of my Decibel Percussion piccolo snare drum. I haven’t heard a drum that sounds more clear and crisp and the craftsmanship is beautiful. Kudos to David Bergman for creating a soft drum that fills a very specific need in today’s orchestral playing.”

- Blaine Inafuku, South Bend Symphony Orchestra


“Decibel drums are made at the absolute highest level of craftsmanship. No detail is overlooked, and no corners are cut.”

-Shaun Tilburg, Principal Percussion, Phoenix Symphony


“My aluminum piccolo is the most sensitive snare I have ever played. You can play over the entire surface of the head and not lose any articulation…amazing! I also enjoy the simplicity and elegance of the design. David is a master craftsman.”


“I love my Decibel Percussion drum. Every detail speaks to the quality and craftsmanship put into the drum. The crisp and clean sound was exactly what I was searching for.”

- Chad Crummel, Principal Percussion, Chattanooga Symphony & Opera


“Decibel snare drums really work. I haven’t heard a drum with better snare response for soft playing. It’s easy to get a great sound with David’s drums.”

-Steve Merrill, Principal Percussionist, Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra


“It’s a wonderfully crafted drum. When I saw and heard Steve Merrill’s carbon fiber drum, I knew I wanted to work with you to create my own piccolo. The snare strainer helps me achieve a consistent snare response that’s also easy to “dial-in”. Attention to detail, quality workmanship, ease of communication – this is what one wants from a small drum business. Your product and you have all of those qualities. Best wishes for a successful journey.”

-Tihda Vongkoth, Freelance Percussionist

“The drum looks and more importantly sounds fantastic! Played on it for the last few days and I have to say I am in love.”

-Derek Koh